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web apps, iOS apps, android apps

Built from the ground up, we handcraft rock solid enterprise apps

Recognising a need for greater productivity within businesses, the App Shed has developed iPhone and iPad apps with specific functionality in mind:

-     Automation of time-consuming daily paperwork
-     Streamlining of legislated processes
-     Speedy handling of HSEC requirements
-     Elimination of double handling


The App Shed
apps for business productivity
16 Jan

The Toolshed

With the every-increasing focus on Workplace Health and Safety Regulations in Australia, the Toolshed App has been developed with specific emphasis on...

16 Jan

Prestart Express

Specifically targetted to meet the requirements of Workplace Health and Safety legislation...

16 Jan

DOR Tracker

Facilitates the accurate recording of daily tasks by Exploration Drillers in the field...